Project Description

The E-Flo iQ system is a single component ’tank-to-tip’ control solution to enable the integration of   an intelligent measuring system in automatic applications. With an electric servomotor, the E-Flo iQ system meters the flow directly from the drum and maintains an optimal control of the flowrate, ensuring an efficient performance with no need for external metering systems.

To have accurate dispensing during the entire delivery phase is not an easy task. The system makes it possible to control the flowrate and the pressure and manage a wide range of materials for heated and cold applications.

The central unit of the Meter from Drum Technology™ is the electric servomotor. The unit is always informed concerning the position and speed of the piston pump and enables precise control and constancy of the flowrate. Pressure sensors are installed in strategic positions to ensure that the pressure is constant from the tank to the nozzle tip.

The flowrate can be adjusted by simply changing the control module parameters. The E-Flo iQ system will then automatically modify the controls and the pressure of the pump to obtain the new flowrate required, with no need for mechanical modifications.

The right valve for every application

The choice of the valve plays a fundamental role in ensuring the highest quality of extrusion. While some applications require perfect start and stop sequences, in others it is required to apply the material in confined spaces or with the aid of a vision system. With the E-Flo iQ Tip Seal, Snuff Back or Ball Seat valve range, with heated and non-heated options, there is a solution for every application.

The Graco 3D Switch Gun is a sealant and adhesive applicator designed with a swivel head and three individually operated nozzles. These unique features provide increased spray efficiency, flexibility and versatility for most types of medium to high viscosity one-component adhesives and sealants.

Accessori di controllo integrabili

è possibile integrare sistemi di visione e di misura per il controllo della qualità del processo.