Project Description

Oil change decanting and filtering system used for the functioning test.

The plant has 3 decanting tanks each with a capacity of  ~1700 litres, for a total  volume of approx. 5000 litres of oil being decanted.
Considering an oil flowrate of ~1.5 litres/minute the decanting in the tanks is little more than two days.
The tanks are fitted with sealed, protected resistors that maintain the oil to be decanted at the correct temperature.
The working temperature can be set up to T = 70° C.
The oil coming from the emptying of the gears reaches the first decanting tank and after completely filling it, overflows by force of gravity through a gap of 1 ½” into a back-up tank of ~15 litres.

This tank constitutes the accumulation necessary for a diaphragm pump that pumps the oil into a 20 µm bag filter and then to the second decanting tank.
The cycle is repeated three times passing through three bag filters of respectively 20µm, 20µm and 10µm.
With the back-up tank, the action of flow disturbance generated by the pump does not have effect inside the decanting tank, but remains confined inside the same.
The decanting tanks have “blowing” base to facilitate collection of heavy sludge and minimise the quantity of oil mixed with the sludge to be spilt from the base for disposal.
Downstream of the third filtering, the oil reaches a dialysis tank where a pump driven by a 0.75 kW motor performs the filtering in continual dialysis.
A specific electric level pilots the actuation of the pump.
The dialysis filtering takes place in a specific tank, heated and insulated, by means of four modules with 7 20µm filtering cartridges in by-pass.
The plant is able to increase the degree of filtering adding another four modules with 7 20µm filtering cartridges.
The drip collection tank is of a size that can easily accept any upgrade, whereas the piping in by-pass with valves and caps are already provided for a possible connection.
The quality for the base of the treatment is class NAS 10.
Specific valves on the bottom of the decanting tanks perform the opening (timed) of a gap that enables the discharge of a fixed quantity of oil mixed with sludge (quantity and time can be set from the operator panel).