Project Description

The fixture has been designed to apply a film of oil on two O-rings mounted on the body of an injector.

The lubrication station consists of a battery of 12 seats to house the injectors, that are positioned manually by the operator.

The injectors are set in rotation simultaneously by means of a  ”point and counterpoint” type  motorised system, held by two cams  mounted in the fixture working position.

Rotation of the injectors entrains a series of rollers wetted with oil that lubricate the O-rings. (white rollers and black rollers)

The upper guard protects against accidents and dust, whereas the contrast to set the injectors in rotation is performed by the calibrated springs.

Rotation is ONLY possible in the work position located under the guards, since translation of the casing out of that position causes   disconnection of the motor electrical connections and consequent stoppage.

A hydraulic lubrication circuit (tank, pump, filer, gauges, etc.) completes the system and is located in a FIXED position under the fixture.