Project Description

Line designed and constructed to generate three polyacrylate gaskets on three areas of the same casing.

The line consists of a metering station, another for polymerising, exposing the polyacrylate to specific rays and a measuring station to ensure the good workmanship of the bead.

The line is completely automatic and only requires intervention of the operator in the “operator station”. From here the part is transferred on customised pallets in all the stations   through a closed loop with two levels and two lifting units.

The line is served by:

  • 3-axis gantry for the metering
  • anthropomorphic robot to handle the parts
  • 4-axis gantry to measure the characteristics of good workmanship

Several pallets are present on the line at the same time, each of which houses several parts in different positions and having a code to which each part is associated in every cycle.

The line when working at full capacity, generates a finished part at each cycle.

It is task of the operator to replace this part with a new blank. At the time of loading/unloading any reject parts are signalled, for which there is a storage buffer.