With the metering and mixing systems “B-FLUID” for TWO-COMPONENTS it is possible to deliver in a precise, controlled and reliable manner many types of materials, such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes, silicones polyacrylates, etc.

Our systems are prevalently divided into two categories:

  • Fixed ratio with pneumatic – hydraulic – electric volumetric pumps
  • Variable ratio with screw pumps or with gears driven by Brushless motors and managed by our controller ST023, equipment in the forefront for control in metering of two-component fluids.

The range is completed with a wide variety of accessories that include:

  • Guns and metering valves
  • Static Mixers and mixer guide
  • Pressure and flowrate control sensors
  • Fluid feeding devices
  • Specific piping and fittings
  • Systems for vacuum delivery